valentine gift

"Stick with You."

"You and I, always together, my heart and your heart, always stick to each other. I will stick with you."

Wedding is one of the sweetest occation in our life.

Some have gorgeous wedding, some have stylish wedding, and some have simple, but beautiful wedding.

If you are planning something cute, unique and different from others, you must be looking for nice door gift, too. So how about our cookies?
The gloom and bride motif in a love shape attaching to each other which means "forever together, you & I", it will give a warm welcome to your guest as a cute and impressive door gift!

RM7.0/piece only. *Quantity order will get discount. *Each cookie will be packed with a desiccant. *Yellow ribbon is optional.

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Now choose your skin color :)

Malaysia is multi-racial country. There are several cultures, traditions, faces, wedding fashions, and skin colors. After you chose your style above, choose the colors which is close to you and your love the most.

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