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We are glad here to announce this.


This gift set is the best present for kids!

The combination of a handy-size (with author's autograph) picturebook and character cookies from the book bring more feeling when you read the story...
All the kids or even adults open the box with shining eyes!

Including the book, all are handmade and it cost RM54.5/box only.

The gift set contains below.
caterpillar cookielemon tree cookieprincess cookieworm cookiepicture bookstory
norico chua

"Ever since I was a little girl, I was often told that I'm always like living in the fantasy world."

This is a introduction about the very passionate illustrator and story writer, Norico Chua (Noriko Watanabe).

Norico Chua (Noriko Watanabe) is a picture book illustrator and writer. She is an art graduate from Japan majoring in Multimedia Design in Malaysia.

When she was a little girl, Norico always loved drawing and dreamt that one day when she is big enough, she will draw her own picture-books for children.

That day came soon after the birth of her first son, Rintaro, a Japanese Malaysian boy.

Her son inspired and encouraged her to persue her dreams to write stories for children.

Her stories and unique illustrations attracted Magicbird Publishing, a Malaysian publisher.

With their help, Norico went on to write and published 3 more children books in 2013- 2015.

Her books are available in BORDERS and online.

"I wear many different hats from a mother, a baker, a designer to an illustrator and a writer.

To me it doesn't matter how many hats I wear, it all connects. Somehow it all more makes more sense to me."

Her dream is unity and world peace.

"Children must be educated in the right way. So even I can't do much, I write. I draw. To tell what I know. I want to let people read my story as much as I can."

Her 1st published book "A Cake Reaching to the Sky" is now sold overseas.

... Are you interested in her book?